Agents of the Alphabet

The Slave Camp
It's the beginning

Merrick, Erik, and Mishaon started the story the way most stories are started… with a little boy. The little boy of course is messenger. He brought them an envelope stating “You are to go to The Broken Arrow. A man will approach you with a riddle. REMEMBER GOLD. You will come if you care for your king or you care for your gold.” As most players they went to the Broken Arrow without a second thought.
p. As they get to the tavern they realize the bar is a bit of a dive and there are very few people inside but shortly after sitting down and ordering a small breakfast they are approach by the man in the message. He gives them the riddle and they answer it with no problem (The answer is gold, I forget the riddle). As this happened he acted as if he was attacked by them and guards immediately flooded into the tavern and attacked them.


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